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War & Peace

When you told lie after lie after lie

When you bartered facts freely and cheaply

or disposed of them when they got in your way

you taught me to seek out the truth

whatever it is, wherever it hides

and value it deeply.


When you scorned  the desperate ones

fleeing murder or hunger or both

who travelled, often with babies and kids

far from what used to be home

to knock in vain at locked gates

patrolled by ICEfaced gunhipped guards

you taught me to pray for a heart as wide as the ocean

you taught me to love and to welcome

all of my brothers and sisters here in the world.


When you tapped out your tweets

replete with insult and heat

you taught me to let go of anger

and give it to God.

You taught me to celebrate laughter

and share it with God.

You showed me  that whatever we feel

spreads out  through the world

to demolish or nourish

and that feelings

however intense they may be

are not who I am, are not me.

Grateful am I to begin to be free.


These are lessons you taught me.

I consider them worthy and true.

I trust there’ll be others.

Thank you, my brother.

Peace be with you.