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Wordplay & Limericks

Riddles – answers below
I slumber in circles
coiled like a snake
I unwind and slide across the garden
when I awake.
I’m a spray, a jet, a fountain
I drink from a distant lake
Fed by a distant mountain

Sometimes I’m a quiet kiss
Sometimes like a fierce fist.

I stir your curtains, tease your hair
Tumble giants through the air.

Tall trees roar with me and sway
And wide-winged birds come out to play.

A wondrous sight
Say I say I
Where rain takes flight
Towards the sky.

A whole lotta holes
A whole lotta knots
Toss me in, pull me out
See what you’ve got.

No body have I
No sound do I make.
I paralyze rivers
and lock up the lake.

I shed my skin
from tail to head.
I taught you sin
or so ‘tis said.

I open my arms
and point to the sky
and my thin skin
will keep you dry

Snip snap
on the left
Snip snap
on the right
Guy with the key
got you locked up tight


Absent — perfume for chest muscles

Abstain — dye for chest muscles
Abundance -a waltz for bakers
Acrostic —an angry muscular twitch

Adamant — the first insect
Algorithm —pulse of he who was almost president

Alphabet — a big gamble
Amenable — a more unpleasant male bovine

Anaconda — Fred Conda’s daughter
Antennae — Cleopatra’s lover
Apology — exclamation of surprise upon seeing a Greek God

Appealing — Removing the skin of fruit
Apricot -large primate experiencing hiccups

Archangel — Noah’s companion
Aromatic — Top floor of a house in the capital of Italy

Barbecue — a long wooden rod used for pool, billiards etc. by a famous doll

Begone — the creation of a space between A and C

Bell curve — shape of a lovely woman

Bellow — deep clanging sound
Bequest — search for honey
Billboard — any unoccupied person named William

Boomerang — negative reaction to a pie

Buccaneer — price for small body part
Buffalo —nudists’ greeting
Bulldoze — male cow sleeping
Bullet — small male cow
Cantelope — the inability to run away to get married

Cantilever — question asked about a man in an unhappy relationship with a woman

Carnation — large tribe of drivers
Castanet — technique for catching fish

Cauliflower — dog-rose
Cereal — the perception of things as they truly are

Chinchilla —appliance for cooling the jaw

Courage — Indian oatmeal
Croaking — ruler of black, medium-sized birds

Crocus — a black, medium-sized
bird swearing

Croquet -a lawn game for frogs
Crowbar — hangout for black, medium-sized birds

Crustacean — bread from the East
Curtail — rear appendage of a mongrel
Cuticle — making a line of people laugh
Dandelion — an elegant jungle animal
Depend — where the depth of the
water is at its greatest

Detergent — discouragement of a male person

Devastation — travel place for
male spiritual beings

Dialog — expiring as part of a tree
Eavesdropping — the first woman’s waste matter

Eyelids — ego-suppression appliances
Exit — cross it out
Felicity — a large urban area favored by cats

Fertile — coniferous floor piece
Gondola — the fall of the American currency

Granule — Christmas with a parent of one’s parents

Haiku — doves singing in treetops
Halo — greeting used upon meeting
a saint or angel

Handicap — convenient headwear
Handlebar — where a famous Baroque composer wrote music

Hangar — a public executioner
Hard liquor — a friendly, boney dog
Harlequin – one of five siblings of the same age riding an American motorcycle

Harmony — earnings of a clown or comedian

Heirloom — wind-weaver
High Heels — convalescing in the mountains

Himalayas- egg-producing cockerel
Horticulturalist — a snobbish person
Humbug — the sound of an insect singing, or flying, or both

Humdrum — echoes lingering within a percussion instrument

Hunky-dory — a muscular fish
Hydrangea — concealing a parks employee

Illegal — a sick raptor
Impale — alcoholic beverage brewed by small fairy-like beings

Implore — the traditions of small, fairy-like beings

Imply — untrue statement made by a small fairy-like being

Invoice — talking to oneself

Jubilee — male Israeli goat
Kidnap — child sleeping
Kidney — part of a child’s leg
Kindred — fear of family members
Kittiwake — alarm clock for cats
Laundry chute — firing weapons at damp clothing

Lightweight — before dawn
Logarithm — tempo of a lumberjack
Lost cause — the cries of a black, disoriented, medium-sized bird

Lugubrious —tending to sadness in rest-rooms

Lupine — a coniferous tree growing by public restrooms

Manual — male Christmas
Margin — alcoholic beverage favored by maternal people

Marigold — espousing a wealthy bridegroom or bride

Mastiff — a large crowd of people having a quarrel

Melancholic — digestive upset caused by eating fruit

Metaphor — having encountered the number between three and five

Microdot— affectionate name for
one’s black, medium-sized bird

Mischief — female head of a tribe
Monolog — solitary lumber
Navigators — garments worn by sailors to cover the ankles

Nevertheless — always wanting more
Nightmare — a female horse with nocturnal habits

Notwithstanding — the avoidance of upright persons

Number — the state of diminishing sensation

Odor — a poet
Oleander — Hispanic greeting for a man named Ander

Outskirts — Victorian bustle
Overture — one who excessively masticates food

Palindrome — place where a plane awaits Sarah

Palisade— royal drink
Partake — sadness of separation
Pettifogging — blurring caused by the emission of small amounts of vapor

Picnickers — choosing intimate apparel

Pineapple — a longing for Eden

Pole vault — electricity from Poland
Polyphonic — multi-tasking with cell-phones

Pomegranate — a type of English rock
Porpoise -an impoverished feline
Privateer — body part used for listening to secrets
Pundit — made a pun of a word
Purloin — an amorous cat
Purport — a harbor for contented cats
Ragamuffin — Indian breakfast bun
Rainfall— end of a monarchy
Ramble — two male animals on a walk
Razor blade— lifting a sword
Remorse— tapping out the same message again

Repast — what happened, happens again

Repulse — come back to life
Retail — the procedure for replacing the rear appendage of a creature

Revolt — restoration of electrical power
Rheumatics— spaces at the top of houses

Rhubarb —regretting a pointed remark

Rumi— spacious chamber for poetry
Ricochet — brother of Paddy O’Shea
Salamander— Moslem greeting for a person named Ander

Sandwich— a person with occult powers found in deserts and on beaches

Septic tank— infected war vehicle

Semi-colon — half an intestine
Sequins — the act of perceiving all, or some of, five siblings of the same age

Sibilant — an insect named Sybil
Single — a solo vocalist
Somersault — the smell of the air on warm beaches

Sometimes — mathematics classes
Spokesperson — bicycle representative
Stalwart— skin growth found on stabled horses

Stamen — a command requiring male humans to remain where they are

Stifle— no room for any more pigs
Teetotaler— score-keeper in a golf match

Understand— beneath rows of seats

Upbeat— optimistic vegetable
Upholster— gunman’s threatening gesture

Walnut— militarily obsessed
Wherefore – seeking the missing number between three and five

Wigwam—striking a blow with a detachable hairpiece

Windlass— a breezy young woman



There once was a fellow named Crane

Who decided to eat a small train.

He began with the engine

But got indigestion

So he ate an old tractor in Spain.


There once was a lady from Java

Who had a great fondness for lava.

She mixed it with oats

And the milk of a goat

Said she’d rather drink lava than guava.


There was a mathematical snake

Always slept in the shape of an eight.

His wife preferred three

And she slept in a tree

Except when they wanted to mate.


There’s a father I know named Crenshaw

Who likes to pretend he’s a seesaw.

Took his kids to the sea

And someone told me

She saw a seesaw on the seashore.


There was an old lady from Bristol

Who fired at the moon with a pistol.

The bullet want past

And turned into glass

And it shines in the sky like a crystal.

Riddle solutions
1 – Garden hose
2 – Wind
3 – Fountain
4 – Net
5 – Frost or ice
6 – Serpent or snake
7 – Umbrella
8 – Handcuffs