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page 27?

1. “In What Happens on Page 27?, Williams offers way upon way of engaging the right brain, unleashing creativity, turning writing into fascination and fun. His ideas are little fuses: light them in your classroom and watch imagination explode. This book is genius and will draw genius from children – and adults – anywhere.” - Catherine Elizabeth Dana, Teacher of Creative Expressions and Creative Writing at Alameda Community Learning Center

2. “Emmanuel Williams’ book is both an inspiration and a practical, down-to-earth source of ideas. I've used it to create a poetry unit and it has allowed my students, who have had very little exposure to poetry prior to this class, to become poets in their own right. They have even submitted anthologies with the poems they created using p. 27 and the lessons and ideas in the book. Their poems are beautiful and they are so proud of them!” - Rosabelle Lynes - High School English teacher